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@CAsociation▶️Panel session at MIGF◀️ Internet freedom in Central and Eastern Europe. Trends and challenges, lessons for Moldova 🕔October 19, 2021, from 16-50 to 17-50 (UTC +3) #internet #igf #Moldova #internetfreedom #igf2021 #migf #freedom #Policy

@IGFItaliaorg🌍 tra 50 giorni in #Katowice parte il più importante evento digitale internazionale di quest'anno: il Digital Summit delle @UN #IGF2021.

@MontreuilKindyThis afternoon, we had our second working meeting with the Digital Education group as part of the @YouthSummit2021. @ankrah960 #YouthInIG #IGF2021 #Internet

@CyfryzacjaKPRM🌍 Już za 50 dni w #Katowice startuje najważniejsze międzynarodowe cyfrowe wydarzenie tego roku - Szczyt Cyfrowy ONZ #IGF2021. Udział w wydarzeniu jest bezpłatny i wolny. Wystarczy się zarejestrować. Zapraszamy! Więcej 👉 @igf_2021

@igf_2021Let the countdown begin! Only 50 days left for #Poland to become the centre for world discussion on the future of the internet. Register here 👉 and see you in #Katowice at #IGF2021! @KrzysiekSzubert

@intgovforumOur🆕report is out on "IGF Dynamic Coalitions: #DigitalCooperation in Practice". Learn about DCs' significant contributions to the IGF & beyond - and COMMENT✍️until 14 November. We want to hear from you! 🚩Available Here🚩 #NetGov #IGF2021

@PLinOSCE📣Internet Governance Forum - #IGF2021 in Katowice, Poland in December will be the most important digital event of the year! ✅Register today and be part of the global discussion on the future of the internet🤔

@IKosciuszki📢 W tym roku Polska 🇵🇱 będzie gospodarzem Szczytu Cyfrowego ONZ – #IGF2021, który odbędzie się 6-10 grudnia w #Katowice. Wkrótce przekażemy informacje na temat zaangażowania Instytutu w konferencję #ONZ. Serdecznie zapraszamy do udziału! ⬇️ #cyfryzacja #UnitedNations #internet

@Cyberdiplomat1@igf_2021 @PiotrMuller @KrzysiekSzubert Please don't exaggerate! Important decisions on the future of #digitalspace & #internet #Governance are made in other places other than #IGF. It is only a theatre discussion forum to promote that already made decisions by #bigtech and #cyberpowers Behind closed doors. #IGF2021

@igf_2021#Poland Plenipotentiary for UN IGF - @KrzysiekSzubert pointed out that the programme of the #IGF2021 is extensive. It announces more than 300 panels. ❗️It is free of charge. It is enough to register ➡️ to participate in the event!

@igf_2021- We have been trying for several years and we have succeeded. This is where the most important decisions on the future of the digital space will be made. #Poland will host the #IGF2021 from 6 to 10 December in Katowice, said State Secretary @PiotrMuller with @KrzysiekSzubert

@PolskieRadio_UA«#IGF2021 буде найважливіша подія цифрової галузі цього року», - сказав міністр @KrzysiekSzubert @igf_2021

@PLinSouthKorea🔊🗓️12월 6일-10일 카토비체에서 열리는 🇺🇳UN 디지털 고위급 회의- 인터넷 거버넌스 포럼이 51일 앞으로 다가왔습니다. 🌐 #IGF2021

@rachadsanoussiYoung leaders today are spearheading movements for climate action, racial justice, gender equality and so much more (...) is our chance to shape a better future (...). @ubuntu_leaders, our voices need to be heard. #UbuntuUnitedNations #COP26 #IGF2021

@jorgenavaamadorEl Foro de Gobernanza de Internet 2021 #IGF2021, será en el mes de noviembre, esperamos tu participación

@Kali_du_MaktubIt's a privilege to be able to support the 2021 cohort of IGF Youth Ambassadors #ISOCYouth #InternetChampions. They are working hard on initiatives to defend & grow the Internet in their local communities, & we couldn't we prouder. #IGF2021

@KASotomska.@ZPPnetpl organizes two panels during #IGF2021 and we cannot wait for it 🤩

@PLenVenezuelaLa entrada al #IGF2021 es gratuita. Todos podrán asistir, hacer preguntas y contribuir a la discusión- dijo el Plenipotenciario de 🇵🇱 para UN IGF @KrzysiekSzubert @KPRM en una rueda de prensa conjunta con @PiotrMuller. ¡Regístrate! ⤵️ @igf_2021

@PLenEspanaLa entrada al #IGF2021 es gratuita. Todos podéis asistir, hacer preguntas y contribuir a la discusión. - dijo Plenipotenciario de 🇵🇱 para UN IGF @KrzysiekSzubert @KPRM en una rueda de prensa conjunta con @PiotrMuller ¡Registraos hoy! Más información en:

@fredaazore@YouthSummit2021 This session couldn’t have been any more interesting, it was just amazing #InternetUnited #IGF2021 @internetsociety @intgovforum

@igf_2021Today we run the #YIGF outreach webinar just before the #IGF2021 meeting in Poland. Thank you ALL for participation and brainstorming! See you in #Katowice, #Poland in December! • • • #YouthIGF #IGF2021 #IGF

@Edinam233The annual IGF grows and I love to see the continuous engagement of youth. This year’s work is amazing with activities ranging from the summit, competitions (Internet of the Future) and Wikidata competition to cover more IG issues. With a hybrid format, do not miss out. #IGF2021